Wednesday Wins: 2/1/12

I will admit, I came very close to not writing anything today. I’ve had one of those days where I just wanted to come home, eat a pound of chocolate, and then curl up under the covers and cry. I am home now, but instead of chocolate, I ate some fresh mozzarella, and instead of crying, I am blogging. That’s the point of this thing for me; to stop seeing the negative in so many things and focus on the positive. It’s worked, too. I am much happier now than I was a year ago, for sure. Even though I am working on changing a couple of things, my life is awesome. I am very lucky.

So it might just be trivial things like salad or lipstick, but it makes me happy on days like today. And that’s the point.

1) Purple nail polish: My friend Natalie was wearing this a couple of weeks ago at dinner, and I had to be a copycat and buy it myself. Now I know what nail polish I will be wearing to Tamara’s wedding in April! It will match that pretty purple bridesmaid dress perfectly.

It’s called “Iris I was Thinner.” How fitting.

Free money: We were chosen for a Nielsen study. They sent us $30 in new bills and a couple of TV diaries to start filling out tomorrow. My goal is to get one of the boxes and get paid on a regular basis for watching Toddlers & Tiaras and Teen Mom.

Free money is so pretty.

Friends:  I have some really great friends. They are so funny, and smart, and reliable. All of them. One shining example is my friend Chris Park. He must have sensed that I’ve been kinda bummed, because he called me out of the blue yesterday to take me to lunch. We usually hang out with my husband and other people as a group, and it was nice to get some alone Chris Park time again. He took me to eat sushi, which reminded me of all the times I was a poor college student and he treated me to the delicious raw fish that was way beyond my budget. He’s one of the most generous, kind people I know. I’ve also known him for 10 years now. As Park would say, “Dude, we’re so old!”


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