Wednesday Wins: 1/25/12

reMind: I know I plug this graphic novel a lot on my Facebook page, but it’s only because I love it SO much. It’s a great story about a woman who lost her cat, only to find him again. But this time, he can talk and leads her on a journey to discovering the truth behind a local urban legend. My husband’s friend Jason Brubaker is the illustrator and author, and there couldn’t be a nicer, more talented guy. Plus, my husband designed it, and I have a copy editor credit in there.

This week, reMind was named by Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) as one of the top graphic novels for teens. That is a HUGE distinction, and he is among great company. The Koseks are very happy and proud of him. You can buy it here or here, or read it online for free.

Stila Lip Glaze: I doubt this comes as no surprise to anyone who likes makeup, but Stila is awesome. I literally (and I do mean literally) own every shade of their lip glaze. I have about 10 of them in my purse right now, which annoys me when I want to get anything else out of there, but makes me happy when I want lip gloss. Most lipglosses are super goopy and sticky. This is just the right amount of sticky.


Can you believe how good my lips look in “Believe”? Me either.

Very Veggie salad mix: Do you like salads, but hate all of the chopping and mixing? Yeah? Then you’re really lazy like me. I crave salads like chocolate lately, so I’ve been going through a bag of this stuff every 48 hours. I just add black olives, cucumber, and tomato with some olive oil dressing. It’s the thing low-cal dreams are made of.


One thought on “Wednesday Wins: 1/25/12

  1. I like the salads! They are yummy. As your hubs, i like the Stila stuff too cause it makes you look pretty….and also, the boxes are pretty cool design objects.

    and yes please go check out reMIND! its a really awesome comic!

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