Schnauzer face.

Our baby went to the groomer today and got the Schnauzer treatment.

We’ve always kept her super fuzzy because it’s cute, but she was getting mats, so we relented and took her to the groomer. Her beard is a little shorter than we wanted, but other than that, she looks dog-show-ready, huh? Too bad she is a spazoid and lacks a pedigree. I would be the crazy dog show lady for sure.

I read a story about a woman who cloned her beloved dog for $50,000. My first reaction was, “Psh, you are nuts, woman.” But the more I think about it, if I had $50k to just throw away, I would totally clone Quincy. She has brought us so much joy in the past year. She might not have been right for the two other families before us who dropped her off at the pound, but she’s perfect for us.

My next post, I will show my new hair do, and show off my new makeup skillz. I bet you’re sitting on pins and needles now.


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