Wednesday Wins: 1/18/12

1) The Sharper Image Sound Machine (not be confused with Miami Sound Machine)*: We had one of these bad boys in our hotel room in Hawaii. I am a super light sleeper, so I turned on this to the crashing wave setting (I know, the irony, in Hawaii and listening to waves on a machine). But it really helped me sleep through Chris’s sporadic snoriness. Of course, I would never buy one for myself, so I am happy Chris got me one for my birthday. I can feel my life changing.

2) Kitchen Aid Food Processor: Another birthday present. The fact that it chops a whole onion and slices two tomatoes in 2 seconds flat is reason enough to buy this thing. I find myself digging through the fridge to finds things to chop/slice/grate. Everyone who loves to cook should own one.

3) The internet blackout in protest of SOPA and PIPA: This is the ONE issue I’ve seen in years that everyone agrees is very serious, and one that needs action. I’ve yet to see anyone say they are cool with/don’t care about these bills passing. It’s nice to feel unified in a cause with others in my generation. Now if only we could all get on the same page about some other things…

4) Miniature Schnauzer Best Friends:


5) Two Faced Natural Eye Makeup: At 31 years old, I am just now buying makeup brushes and learning how to properly put on eye shadow. I’m having a blast.  I am getting my feet wet with this cool eye shadow collection. It comes with instructions for different looks, and the eye shadow stays on all day (doesn’t get all clumpy in the creases). I promise to post a before and after soon. I like to make people laugh.

*I know it’s not really called a “sound machine,” but I really wanted an excuse to post the Miami Sound Machine clip.


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