Our day in Santa Fe

My bday is on Monday. I will be the ripe old age of 31, which makes me officially in my 30’s. (I think 30 is a buffer year). Anyway, since I have to work and take my car in for estimates and repairs on my actual birthday, Chris took me to Santa Fe to do my favorite things: eat and look at art. We had a wonderful time. The plaza was pretty empty, and we could discuss art in the museums without the fear of disrupting anyone since no one else was in there with us. My husband knows a lot about art, so I always love getting his perspective.

We went to the Georgia O’Keefe Museum (my favorite), the Chuck Jones Gallery, and the New Mexico Museum of Art. It was at the latter that I discovered the wood block prints of Gustave Baumann. I could have spent all day examining these prints. They are technically spectacular and so detailed. The computer screen really does them no justice.

We also got a rum baba at The French Pastry (they are usually sold out!!) and had probably one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten at La Plazuela in the La Fonda Hotel. The tableside-made guacamole was a highlight.

What a happy birthday.


2 thoughts on “Our day in Santa Fe

    • The cake is the black forest cake that Chris got because I refused to share my rum baba. The rum baba is down toward the bottom with all the creamy cream deliciousness.

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