Wednesday Wins: 1/11/12

I was in a car accident this morning, It was just a bad fender bender really for me. I will get a new bumper and probably an alignment. The dude who hit me jacked up his whole front end and was leaking fluids everywhere (his car, not him). I have never, ever, ever been in any sort of accident before, so I was a little shook up,but fine. Honestly, my neck is starting to hurt a little. It better not be whiplash coming on, or I will walk to his apartment and whiplash him. Yes, the guy who hit me lives like 2 buildings down.

Ok! Now on to my Wednesday Wins after a not so win day.

1) MyFitnessPal – This one is by far my favorite win of the week. I have been doing WeightWatcher’s online for a few months now and lost about 10 pounds total. Not too shabby. I really like it, and it’s a great program to help people learn how to portion food. But, someone told me about MyFitnessPal app for the iPhone and I checked it out. It does the same exact thing as WeightWatcher’s, except it tracks calories. It has a bar code scanner to easily enter in food, and it’s hard to imagine, but it even has MORE food choices to track.  So I canceled WW on Saturday, and I’ve been doing this since. I’ve lost 5 pounds, too. For real. I’m not making that up. Five pounds in 5 days tracking my calories in this app. I’m officially obsessed.

You can also login from the web and use their community forums, which have great support systems.  It’s kind of like a Facebook for dieters. Minus the games.

2) Chia – I blogged about this on Saturday. I have taken it every day since. And, like I just said, 5 pounds down. I’ve had more energy than ever, zero cravings, and I’m fuller longer. I’m not gonna say it was all because of the Chia, obviously, but it’s helped. I guess I’m officially a Chia head. Uh-thank-you.

3) McCormick’s Mediterranean Spiced Sea Salt: You guys. I LOVE this stuff. I use it mainly in salads with some extra virgin olive oil, and it’s delicioso mucho. I also use it when I bake or grill chicken, sautee veggies, or sprinkled lightly on a sweet potato. All you health freaks out there can slap it on some tofu or quinoa or whatever else you eat. It’ll be good on anything, I’m sure.

4) Cafe Bustelo coffee: Alright, we’ve been drinking this coffee for years, but it’s a win because the store has been out of it for TWO WEEKS! We had to buy overpriced crap to make up for it, and didn’t even come close. We were so excited to see two cans of it when we went to the store over the weekend. We snatched them both up immediately. Sorry other shoppers. If you like espresso roasts (which I love) and you like spending around $3.50 (which I also love) for coffee, then you’ll like this. Ok? Ok.

I hope everyone’s Wednesday was better than mine. I’m not drinking alcohol at the moment, but I’d really love some red wine. So go have a glass for me, please. Thanks in advance.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wins: 1/11/12

  1. I have now downloaded the my fitness pal app. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to stick to it, cause I seriously need to do something. And yay for you losing! That’s awesome. Keep up the good work!

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