Wednesday Wins! Stuff I like.

It’s a slow blog day. So, I’m about to pull an Oprah and post my favorite things for this week. But I don’t have O money, so I can’t sneak into your home and leave them under your chairs then scream at you. Sorry.

  • Adobe Design Suite 5.5: Helps make my job easier and allows me to add some creativity in my work. I’m also proud of the fact that I have taught myself everything I know in Illustrator. At Cruz, I had to learn it for my job, and I was taught the very basics to create shapes, add text, color, that’s it. Now I can do all kinds of advanced, cool things (even helping Chris with it from time to time!)
  • Heather Brown Surf Art: If you know Chris and I, you know we love art. We searched the North Shore in Hawaii for some good art and there was some pretty good stuff. But it wasn’t until we found Heather Brown’s surf art that we got really excited. We love her whimsical, Japanese wood-cut inspired art. It also has a stained glass feel to it that we dig. It looks amazing on a wall, so if you can get your hands on a print, do it. We went with the surfer/lovebird print.
  • Nothing but Nets: I love this charity because for $10, you actually feel like you directly helped one person. Any help you can give to anyone who needs it is great, but if you’re on a budget, it’s an affordable way to make a diff.
  • Office Jerk iPhone App: Everyone has a j-hole in their office. Now you can take out your frustration on them without getting fired (or restraining orders placed against you). Warning: It’s addictive.
  • Oh Happy Day: This woman and her husband and her kids are at first glance so perfect and cool and kinda nauseating. They moved from San Francisco to Paris for a year just because! SHE RIDES BIKES IN FRONT OF THE EIFEL TOWER! Her kids run through Dutch tulip fields! But then, when you read in a little deeper you see that she (Jordan) is amazingly creative, smart, sweet and has worked very hard for her lifestyle. Her life hasn’t all been tulips and baguettes either: her youngest was born with a cleft lip and palate. She doesn’t dwell on it, she just deals with it in her sweet way, and now her son is Joaquin Phoenix in the making (ie REALLY CUTE). BTW, a lot of the popular mommy bloggers out there piss me off, so it was a breath of fresh air to come across this blog. Stylish – but not too obnoxious.
  • These boots. They don’t go with everything I own (like pajama pants) or I’d live in them. So cute and so comfy, which is hard for me to find in boots. Plus, they still have that great leather smell. I love that smell.


LOLtastic remix of the car freak out.





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