The start.

Today, I used my final day off  by running some errands, folding some laundry, and joining everyone else in their quest for fitness. That’s right, I exercised. I have a Crunch Fitness Yoga/Pilates DVD, which will kick your ass (unless you are very good at Yoga and Pilates in which case you will just merely breathe heavily). It wasn’t pretty, but I finished. I’m all sweaty and nauseous, but I did it.

If you have Netflix streaming, it’s on there. If you don’t, you can buy it for anywhere between $30 and $55, which I think is a little steep, but whatevs.

Because I’ve had two new debit cards in 3 months (long story), my gym membership lapsed. They want a NEW initial fee from me even though I only missed one payment due to aforementioned debit card fiasco. While I work with our corporate coordinator on this issue, I will be working out from home. I just hope to get in enough shape to do this workout without feeling like I might die. That will be triumphant enough.

Plus, I am sure the gym is a madhouse right now and I don’t feel like stabbing bitches to get to an elliptical machine. It’s probably safer to workout at home for now.

Side bar: When I was searching Netflix for Crunch, I found a movie called Cyberbully. I am sure it was once on Lifetime or ABC Family or something, but I had to watch. Right now, the main girl had her Facebook (but not really Facebook for legal reasons) hacked. The hacker put “I’m a dirty girl and liked to be spanked” as her status. Instead of deleting it and changing her password like a normal person, she cries, looks at herself in the mirror, and says it’s “too late” to do anything. It turned out it was her bratty little brother, but oh boy, the s*** storm has begun.

OH, and how creepy is it that her little brother would write that about his sister? Ew. No.

I could get used to being a housewife. Chris, get on that, ok?


2 thoughts on “The start.

  1. haha! that movie sounds RAD. yeah, gross that her brother would do that. and weird that she would end it all over a comment like that. i think victor has left worse comments on my facebook. hahaha

    • I know, right? The movie did get very intense, with the girl running for a bottle of pills after making a YouTube video saying goodbye. But in the end, they confronted the mean people at school in the cafeteria, and ended up laughing and eating pie or something.

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