A new beginning.

For the first time in my WHOLE life, I feel most optimistic about the new year. Usually, I make the same old recycled resolutions (lose weight being the usual), but this year, I am focusing more on the inside; what matters. In the past couple years, I’ve lost some of who I used to be. Some of it just a natural product of growing up, but other things I just gave up on for some reason or another. Here’s a short list of resolutions. I have more, but I want to keep some things private. I think it’s good to set some goals without the pressure of knowing other people can audit the progress.

  • Be more creative. This can mean so many things. It can be writing, drawing, or just thinking about things in a way I never have before. Maybe it’s a new business Chris and I want to start, or maybe it’s just updating this blog more. Either way, it makes me happy.
  • Appreciate myself more. This one is tough. I am the first person to make hurtful comments about myself, usually trying to be funny. But it isn’t nice and it pisses off the people who love me. As hokey as it sounds, I have to start loving me. Once I do that, then everything else will fall in place. I will be healthier, happier, more creative, and love stronger. Based on my track record of low self-esteem, this is more of a life resolution than a 2012 one. I will give myself some props: I’ve already begun a pretty impressive momentum on this one. I’ve done things I’ve never done before in 2011, and did them shamelessly. I had a blast as a result.
  • Do something I love (or really, really like). Who knows what this will be, but I have some pretty good ideas. At almost 31, I almost know exactly what it is that fulfills me. Now I have to put it into action.

All in all, 2011 was not a bad year. I made some great new friends; Chris and I finally settled into life in the ABQ; we adopted the best dog in the whole world who has brought us so much joy; we grew professionally; we put some plans into motion; we finally took our honeymoon in Hawaii (and I never wanted to leave); we went through a pretty traumatic event and came out the other side stronger; we celebrated our first anniversary. Not too shabby!

I wish all of my friends and family a very happy and successful 2012. I dare us all to throw caution to the wind sometime and attempt a big change. Those are usually the best kind.


2 thoughts on “A new beginning.

  1. I love you Katy!! Your goals sound and sounded a lot like me the last couple of years. I think you’ll do it because you are one of the raddest people I’ve ever met! I’ve always admired your unique awesomeness that needs no explanation!

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