I came across this blog tonight. It’s making its way across the net.

I don’t know much about the blogger yet, because I have only read this one post so far. But, from what I can tell, he was quick witted, a talented writer, an atheist, and above all else – he loved his family.

It actually kinda relates to how I have been feeling all day. For some reason, I was so happy today, so thankful for everything, that I just kept thinking that I never wanted the day to end. I want to press pause right now. I would forever be a newlywed, so in love that it hurts. I would forever live in New Mexico with my family. I would forever enjoy this amazing creature we call Quincy, who just makes us laugh all night long.

Because, I know that one day I too will depart from this mortal coil. But before that, my life will go through many transformations. If I am lucky, I still have a good 60 years and a lot can (and will) happen in that time. A lot good, and some bad. Some even tragic.

I look forward to the future, I do. I look forward to our children, and to bigger and better things. And even the inevitable sad things, that’s ok. It’s part of life. I am lucky to have a life.

Especially this one.


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