My first day off.

Tomorrow is the first day off I’ve had since I started my new job. I know it’s only been 5 months, and I am spending the day at doctor’s appointments, but still. I am very excited.

As I wrote this, I glanced at Quincy who is sitting on the back of the sofa. She is so precious and cute and I just burst out laughing. Those are moments when I like being alive. Unexpected, seemingly common, but inexplicably important. That’s why everyone should rescue a dog. They are pure joy.

Anyway, after my appointments tomorrow, I am meeting my friends at St. James Tea Room for a spot of afternoon tea, gov’nuh. I wish I hadn’t misplaced my fancy hat and white gloves.

Speaking of white gloves, when I was a little girl and visiting my grandma in Belen for the summer, I used to watch this telenovela called Carrusel. I didn’t understand a word, of course, but it was dope. The teacher was a babe, there was a fat kid, a troubled kid, a pretty nice girl, and of course, the bitch. I LOVED the bitch. She had the most amazing wave bangs I ever saw. I could never imitate it, no matter how many gallons of hair spray I wasted. I think her name was Maria. And. She wore white gloves.

Every princess in the world wears white gloves. Yet, every time I even say the words “white” and “gloves” in a sentence, I think about that bitch. Here is the best pic I could find online. See? No one else is wearing gloves! She thinks she’s special.

Turns out she was kinda special. She was a polish born immigrant living in Mexico. But is she more special than the red head on the left? No. So take off your white lace gloves, Madonna and play nice!

See what happens when you give me a day off? This happens.


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