Why do weekends go by so fast? On Friday, I have a laundry list of items that I need to accomplish that weekend. I get about zero of them done, and then spend Sunday cleaning. I always say yes to doing something last minute, and even though I have fun, I just miss out things that need to be done like go to the gym, get my hair cut, catch up on my reading, go to the grocery store, etc. Then Monday comes around and I start making my list for the weekend again.

Good news: next weekend is a 3-dayer for me. I got Friday off so I could utilize my new health insurance. New glasses, new contacts, and a dental check up. Then I will be meeting Natalie and Jenny for some high tea at St. James Tea Room. I can’t wait.

Quincy is off to her dog training class today. Chris is taking her by himself because I need to clean. He told me I don’t support her education. I laughed. Last week, she peed everywhere and pooped in the parking lot. Bless her. I just love her so much.

Ok, back to cleaning. You wouldn’t believe the dust I am dealing with.


One thought on “Weekends.

  1. weekends are always a great dilema. do you make plans and book your weekend to the max, have a blast, and see it fly by in two seconds, or do you leave them wide open and miss out on all the fun?
    you need to go to dog training with your son. he needs both his parents support.

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