We got a new dog.

I have been wanting to rescue a dog from a shelter for years. Our old landlord in LA refused to let us get a dog, even going so far as to tell me that I needed a hobby. What was even crappier is, when we were moving out, our new neighbor downstairs had two cats. Apparently, the no pet rule only applied to us.

Since we’ve been in New Mexico, I had been trolling the internet for a pet. One night, I was looking at http://www.petharbour.com and came across the cutest, blurriest photo of a little ragamuffin miniature schnauzer named Quincy. It just so happens that my husband and I have a special affinity for miniature schnauzers. Their wacko personalities, their beards, the whole nine. We love it. So, I took it as a sign.

The next day, we literally raced to the outskirts of the universe (also known at southwest Albuquerque) to pick her up. It was so sad. No one had ever brushed her hair or given her a bath. Her fur was just one big mat down her back. She was wagging her tail so furiously that her whole body shook. I had to get that girl out of there pronto.

Well, long story short, she is now ours. As each day goes by, I get more and more attached to her. Like, in a crazy way. I don’t even know if it’s healthy how much I love her. Even when she poops on the carpet (by accident!) I don’t even care. I just get out the carpet cleaner and move on with my life. Poop on the carpet is something that would have sent me into a tizzy just a few short weeks ago, so I’d say it’s true love.

Here she is. Quincy aka Quincers aka the Quincess.

Can you believe this dog has been in the shelter twice in her short 1.5 years of life? She is the best animal, minus the aforementioned infrequent poopy accidents. So loving, happy, smart, funny, cute. The vet told me she has some signs of abuse, like she doesn’t bark, and it seems it’s due to an injury on her throat (probably a collar pulled too hard). She also yelps when confronted with bags. Any type of bag. I don’t know what kind of abuse is that, but in my mind, some a-holes abused my Quincess and I hate them.

You will be reading more about her. If you read this.


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